Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breaking away habits

There are two strong habits that I got rid of recently. One is Coffee and another checking my horoscope.

How bad are these habits?

Well, I was a coffee addict. All my days started with a bed coffee. I nicknamed it as my starter fuel. But too much of coffee brought in a lot of negative things - I was highly dependent on coffee. I easily get head ache when I missed the coffee break. I had a temporary energy probably. Too much of coffee affected my sleeping patterns.

Reading horoscope on the newspaper was a daily habit. My eyes would automatically go to the 'daily horoscope' section in the Bangalore Times. I took a lot of proud as a Leo and was 'cross-checking' if things are happening according to the universal law. Its all my mental association to what was published to what would happen that day.

How did I break them?


I replaced coffee with Green Tea.

I stopped reading horoscopes.

How easy was that?

I developed a great love for Green Tea. There are a lot of benefits in drinking Green Tea. (This blog was created when I was a Coffee Lover, hence G Coffee. But now I am a Green Tea fan, this template has a Green Tea theme!)

I frequented Nilgiris dept stores where I get various flavors of Green Tea: Mint, Lemon, Ginger, Hibiscus. Because of its inherent bitterness, nobody would steal my Green Tea.

I just skipped the horoscope sections whenever I come across.

Now, its few weeks gone, I am free from those binding habits.

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