Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Essence of Holidays

I am just wondering what holidays are meant for? Every Indian gets hand full of holidays to take rest / relax or spend time with the family. But what are we attributing the holidays to? Something else? - traditional celebrations , sudden death of a leader like YSR (from another state), national bandh, heavy rain.

Is that we need a break that we dont get otherwise?

My colleagues spent the last weekend at Pondycherry. I was also invited with my friend booking me 2(!) KPN tickets on each direction. Due to personal commitments, I had to cancel them. My family friend in the apartment also planning for a trip this weekend. Unfortunately, the beach resort and hotels in town were completely booked owing to the long weekend. All these bookings (blockings) have been done 3 weeks back.

People certainly need break.

Will moving from 5-days work schedule to 4 day create more job opportunities? And also reduce pressure on an individual?

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