Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Salary Issues & Strikes

Salary issues and strikes are becoming a common thing in India now. 3500 government doctors have served notice to the govt as the latter failed to meet their demands. Similarly, Air India pilots are on strike protesting the salary cut. On one side, Govt. is failing to improve the standards of the society and its serving community. On the other side, the employees also compare themselves with the high standard lives of MNC's.

There is a huge difference on how doctors charge their services. For example, Dr.Bhatt whom I visit for general cold, fever treatments charge just Rs.30. If I go to any other hospitals like Diwakars, Rajasekar, they easily charge Rs.150. The same kind of treatment but different charges - almost 5 times higher. Why did not the government regularize it? We also have come across many gentlemen who treat the patients for almost nothing. I am looking out for those articles in rediff that came in the past. My neighbour's father has given free service for poor in the past. My friend's father has been doing it in Gulbarga. There are also doctors who studied in govt scholarships but serving the global hospitals. Govt doctors also have established their own clinics and charge more due to peer pressure.

In the case of AI / Jet Airways / KingFishers - the companies would keep their employees in a sophisticated environment when financially things are fine. Otherwise, they go even upto 70% salary cut or workforce reduction.

A company is a marriage between the employee and employees. There should be a fabric of devotion and sacrifice, and sincerity in that relationship. If the relationship is only that of commercial, the 'marriage' fails.

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