Saturday, November 6, 2010

Notebooks (Not E Books)

I started carrying pocket notebooks during my college days. I still stick to the practice. I am always fascinated by the idea of carrying notebooks for several reasons:

1. They are handy

Notebooks are easy to carry. You cannot have an excuse not having space in your bag or car. You just a pocket. In some cases, you can even hold in your hand ever.  I used to get old diaries as a "gift" but ended up using only 10% of the pages.

2. They are cute

Every stationery shop sell these cute notebooks. Some are branded and some are local names. Traditionally Eagle has been a familiar brand for most of us. Nowadays, a lot more designs, coloured, quality papers are available in market. The fancy covers are very attractive.

3. Instant ideas

Its a bad idea to capture only phone numbers and email ids in the notebooks. Notebooks are not E-Books. They are to capture instant ideas. Everyone gets idea bubbling almost every hour, but we let go most of the time because we are busy with current activities. Some thoughts come to us waiting to be born and actionized.  But we orphan them.

4. A manly gadget

I dont think a modern IPad or a netbook can replace this cute little friend. Carrying a notebook with a friendly pen is a great combo and together make a manly gadget.

5. They are cheap

Can you believe, the notebook I saw today costs just Rs.5 with 80 pages!  Staples (opp to Shoppers Stop) has good collections of notebooks.

6. Now its a habit

Any practice continuously executed becomes a habit.

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