Thursday, November 4, 2010

Enthiran Movie


Enthiran movie is a very good entertainer. The one-line story is how a robot meant for constructive purpose can be misused. And what if a robot gets feelings and start thinking?  The real hero is the technology. Shankar has extensively exploited the animation technology. Though anybody could have done the role, Rajni Kant has been too good for his age. He looks fresh and young. Comedy is name sake but more attention could have been paid. Aishwarya too fits the character.

Already a 3-hr movie, its really challenging on what all can fit to satisfy all sorts of audiences.

Music is excellent; but the lyrics are too 'engineering'.

Few glaring errors

  • In the first few reels, the spelling of 'neural schema' was misspelt as 'nueral schema'.

  • In the fire accident scene, the robot saves the fire victims. The metal robot can withstand heat, but how can a man lifted by the robot can withstand the heat?

  • No one would release a robot in public without formal approval. Every researcher knows it.

  • A dismantled robot is a E-Waste. No body would dump such an e-waste like a vegetable waste.

  • The robot has been too choosy on when it would fly. 

  • With his sensors, the robot could have sensed the Vaseegaran Rajni among his army men. 

Its not known how much of writer Sujatha's work has gone into the movie. Some credit could have been given in all the interviews and in the title cards for the late legend.

Flashback & Piracy

Its an open secret, that pirated DVDs are available in all CD shops without exception. Once in a while, SUN TV News show how Rajni kant fans patriotically prevented piracy.  The SUN family may passionately recall how his family men broadcast Mudhalvan movie few years back in Madurai.

The Theatre

My first visit to Jayanagar INOX. No crowd at all. Tickets were easily available only 1/4th of the hall was occupied. We also learnt that it would take another 2 months for the JP Nagar INOX (Bangalore Central) start functioning.

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  1. Other than errors u mentioned, i observed few more.
    Dumping robo without deleting the neural schema since it was confidential.
    Robo was able to identify the Blood group just by looking at it but couldnt identify human Rajanikant.
    Many more but what i observed from the theme of movie is a lesson which all humans should learn. The existence of GOD. Robo initially agreed that GOD exists & his creator is GOD. Similarly many Humans agree GOD exist. Saddest part is when ego & delusion wraps human mind, they become atheist & act like evil robo who went againts its own creator!