Friday, November 2, 2012

Are you into the trap of festival offers?

Like this soap, all offers are special only for that moment
and becomes void after a while!
I look around only to notice many getting tempted to buy more and more mobile and tablet gadgets.   The festival offers lure the customers to buy more and more.  For any one from middle class, a serious thinking is needed - because there is no end to what one would buy!

We are into crazy times that mobile wars, tablet wars, big screen televisions, give a "false material life"

Let me put some thinking process for you in 3 modes - INVENTORY, INTENTION & INVESTMENT

INVENTORY - First let us take some inventory,
1. Do you have a landline connection at home, office that any one can reach you?
2. Do you already have a personal mobile or office provided that any one can reach you?
3. Do you have a desktop, laptop that is available to you as and when you need?
4. Do your family members already have a mobile connection?
5. Do you already have a tablet (like iPad) at home?
6. Do you have gaming devices at home?
7. Do you have a decent television set?

INTENTION - Analyze your intention,

1. Are you thinking of something new - because you have a NEED?
2. Are you buying something new - because you found something BETTER in terms of cost, energy saving, low maintenance cost?
3. Are you INFLUENCED by your peers, neighbours, relatives?
4. Are you being PSYCHOLOGICALLY influenced by the advertisements that keep hitting you everyday?
5. Are you buying something new, because you want to stay MODERN, PRODUCTIVE, and ADVANCED?
6. Are you double sure, you are not in to COMPULSIVE buying?
7. Are you buying a new item, because you CANNOT SHARE THE EXISTING one among the family members?

INVESTMENT - If you have are inching towards making the purchase,
1. Do you have enough money to buy this item?
2. Are you aware that EMI / Credit Card options could be a trap to influence your buying decision
3. Do you have any big commitments?
4. Are you using the current items effectively?
5. Are you aware that your new purchase could get obsolete (atleast you will so), when the next edition of the item gets released in another couple of months?
6. Is it possible that your new purchase take away the time meant for your family?
7. Can a small tweak to the existing item meet your needs?
I cannot provide answers on your behalf and there are no correct answers.  You are the judge.

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  1. Dear Ganesh Sir,

    Diwali wishes :) very nice article :)!