Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anything can be accomplished if you have TIME

August Minds presents T.I.M.E model
Did it sound very obvious when you read "Anything can be accomplished if you have TIME"?

I did not mean TIME in conventional sense.  During my college days, roughly 20 years back, I was a "solution man" among friends and came up with this acronym T.I.M.E.  Its my essential factors for success.

T - Time
I - Ideas
M - Money
E - Energy

Time - Time is nothing but an emotion.  Time appears too long or short and its true so only because of our perception. We give excuse of not doing thing because of lack of time.  But we personally know that we had enough time.  Unless we leverage the time available, nothing can be accomplished.

Ideas - The best way to get a best idea is to have lot of ideas.  Think of more than one way of doing things.  Doing things differently.  Take positions and have Plan B and Plan C too.  Write it down.  Writing translates brain views into clarity.

Money - You need money big or small.  Money is not evil.  If you dont have your money, use OPM (not opium).  OPM is other people's money.  Play with money as its an enabler.

Energy - An invigorating physical, mental, and spiritual energy makes you complete.

I am proud that that I could recall my old philosophy and its still valid.

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