Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heart to Heart Relationships

For many, ability to cope up with a relationship breakage is painful.  But a relationship breakage is just a result. There is a great binding factor in any relationship - "Understanding of others rules". I guess shared about this already. 

Rules are our own rules on 'what has to happen in order to feel happy'. In the process, we end up creating more rules to be unhappy and few rules to be happy. Most of our rules are dependent on others: "He has to call me everyday...", "She has to serve good food everytime...", "He/she has to smile when I joke..".

When these expectations are not met, it leads to less harmonious relationships.

Everyone would have realized how great it is to survive after seeing the Japan Tsunami videos on the televisions. All it needs to just survive. Nothing else matters. All the cars were on roofs. And the roofs were on the roads. People bodies were on the sea. And the sea was in the city. It was a big mess that God Himself will a lot of time to cleanup things.

Such things happen in our relationships too. We complicate things.

My ideas are simple -

a) Learn to be happy no matter what

b) Have enough rules to be happy and very less rules to be unhappy

c) Forgive the person completely and move on (its good for you too)

d) There are more than enough people on this earth to show your love

e) No matter what, be sincere your life and true to your relationships

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