Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our children are labeled

Accept the fact that our children have been labelled.  Either we as parents label them or the teacher label them.  I had been to my kid's school for the parents teachers meeting.  The class teacher had some observation and we responded. There was another parent to whom the class teacher was explaining the "labels" she has framed on the child. The body language and the language of the parent was shifting between supporting the teacher's view and then to advise the child.  The label the child gets during his / her formative days help construct beliefs, experiences, thinking models and the future itself. 

Talking of skills, we are in a world of peer pressure. We decide what skills our children should get based on what the other kids do. The kid cannot really differentiate (and also the parents), what is needed for her for that age.  A karate class on one side, a music on the other, a language class here and regular school there. What do you build or dump in your kid, finally?

Talking of disabilities, I believe there is nothing like disabliity. Every one has a different neuro structure.  We have been designed in a certain way. The moment we label a kid with a 'disability' tag, the tension mounts.  I would say 'anger' is a disability for the man kind. I would say 'worry' is another disability. Because both these emotions disable us from being a better human.

So, lets get off the tag, "disability" atleast for our kids.

The book "Our Labelled Children: What every Parent and Teacher needs to know about learning disabilities" is in my wishlist.

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