Sunday, January 8, 2012

Identity for the teachers

Identity for the teachers.  What is identity?

Each one of us believe that we support our family. We work. We do something.  We are here for something. We relate to each other. We are an authority. We do something for someone. We give something for someone. We receive something from someone.   We are all these, because of the identies.

We are a brother, husband, father, teacher, neighbour, engineer, philanthropist, social activitst, a book reader, a sponsor, a driver, an author, a poet, a cleaner, an artist and thus carry all these identities.  Above all, we carry a name.

These identities create beliefs.

Similarly for teachers, certain identiies influence them to believe.  A science teacher teaches science because she is one. A head master is strict because he is one. A primary school teacher does not look beyond because he is one.

An useful identity for teachers is "I am the architect of the future".

Hold on to this identity and see things transforming for better.

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