Saturday, June 5, 2010

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day!

The world has been witnessing the erratic climatic changes periodically. We also witness different weather moods through the day. The recent Laila storm had its impact on Andhra, Tamilnadu and also partially in Karnataka too.

Dad said it was raining through out night. When we left for the railway station at 5.30 am, the entire city was "wet". The breeze was very pleasant. While returning from I decided to stop at Lalbagh. Lalbagh was green and wet where health freaks were flocking the entire landscape. But it was very scenic and have a panoramic view of Lalbagh. There is a free distribution of sapling in Lalbagh at 10.30 am. I only wish Bangalore gets more beautiful with colourful trees planted in an organized way.

Morning Times of India was a eco-friendly paper with news printed on recycled paper. The whitish paper with a green tint was a treat to read.

Few things put me off when I go around the streets:

a) The pourakiramas (garbage collectors) set off fire for dry leaves, papers etc to minimize their 'work' load

b) Garbage and debris dumped in vacant lands. The land owner should be levied penalty for spoiling the environment

c) Hanging flags, loose advertisement posters, banners

d) Construction materials dumped along the platforms for months

e) There is no implementation of the ban on plastic bags. Its only on paper. Any garbage dump you see, you would find atleast 70% of them comprise the plastic bags.

Through this blog, I recall Mr.Theerthagiri with whom some of us worked wiith 15 years back. He was a rubber stamp maker, an asthma patient, a thin framed personality. He was very good at heart, and always wanted to help less privileged. He was also part of Arivoli Iyakkam (அறிவொளி இயக்கம்), a literary movement in Tamilnadu.We were part of one of the June 5th World Environment Day celebrations.

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