Sunday, November 22, 2015

Shibumi School - May become my choice of school

I always believed that our current education system is not suitable for our kids.  Its not about the homework and syllabus. My grouse is how commercial the whole system has become and we are in an endless vicious cycle. 
Thankfully, I met this parent at an ice cream workshop and learnt her kids are going to Shibumi.  I have heard of Valley school in Kanakapura Road. 
I want to make Diya and Dhyan to study in such a school, especially Shibumi. 
I am even willing to experiment no-schooling for Diya.

Readers may want to visit these sites:

These schools are following the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti. And when I read his biography (half way through), I was impressed. I had answers for some of my seekings. I will blog about JK separately.

I had good education during school, but somewhere I believe all that I learnt was unnecessary. My childhood is lost in memorizing.  My daughter is going through the same in front of my eyes.
Lots of reforms are required in our education system.  I am glad Shibumi and other schools are effectively doing that.

More on this soon. 

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