Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giving a child a family

One of the key decisions I made this year was to adopt a child. Somewhere, some corner of this world, a girl child is waiting for me to get adopted. Every day I read a news of child abuse in the schools and families, my mind immediately shifts to those in ashrams and orphanages. Are the guardians over there really a guardian?  I want to do a bit to this society.  I know many parents do not adopt children because they do not see much stories around them.  Most of the parents who adopt kids are childless couples. Very few parents who already have biological kids go for adoption. Many say the rules in India are very stringent and there are reasons for it. I want to make this commitment to myself: Adopt a child. And in my lifetime, enable some 100 families to adopt a child. Follow me on and support me along the journey.  

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