Sunday, July 18, 2010

MG Road Saturday

Visited MG Road for a weekend visit.  The car parking area on the Residency Road has scope to be a multi-level car parking. A lunch at Brindavan Hotel - still providing the traditional lunch for the past several years.  The Caurvery Emporium still hosts highly crafted sandal works. I used to buy a lot in the past for gifts but I am saturated with the collections. The rich and foreigners still throng there for purchase and rest for sight-seeing. The recent hot thing on the MG Road is not the metro rail but its mock. The mock version looks very cute. [Photo to be posted soon here] The LakeView hotel, LB Publishers are back on the road with rebuilt new look. LB Publishers has taken a new avatar with 3 floor bookshop and got a new name too {will post the same here}.  Gangarams bookshop, my all time favorite bookshop was not crowded but a home of several books. Mr.Atmaram of Gangarams is very hospitable to every customer and he remembers me still. In the general section, the middle-aged lady employee in the billing section has been working there for past several years doing the same job. What could have been the motivation for her?  In MG Road's Favorite Shop, the shop owner recognized that we both lived in same location in Chennai ten years ago.

Otherwise the discipline on the MG Road is still old.

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