Friday, October 31, 2008

Psychology of terrorists

Yesterday's news of Assam blasts that killed around 70 people and injuring 500 others is very disturbing. The government was not alert enough despite warnings from various sources. Various Indian cities have been targeted throughout this year, including Bangalore. Should not the police and the government think technically and use technology to solve the terrorism issue in our country?

There is a psychology behind why terrorists do what they do. According to Clark R. McCauley (Professor of Psychology, Bryn Mawr College), psychologists recognize two kinds of aggression, emotional and instrumental. Emotional aggression is associated with anger and does not calculate long-term consequences. The reward of emotional aggression is hurting someone who has hurt you. Instrumental aggression is more calculating -- the use of aggression as a means to other ends. Terrorist aggression may involve emotional aggression, especially for those who do the killing, but those who plan terrorist acts are usually thinking about what they want to accomplish. They aim to inflict long-term costs on their enemy and to gain long-term advantage for themselves.

But, government is caught in political issues to handle their foes and please their friends. Politics is worser than the terrorists. Politics is worser than recession.

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