Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthdays are death reminders

Strange that we measure our age on how many years we lived.  But to me birthdays are death reminders. Sorry for sounding negative - in fact its a more empowering belief.  One of the nature's gift is keeping our "died on" date a surprise one. Every birthday comes to tell you there could be only few more days left, better live your life in a useful way.  Its as though saying Live, else Leave.

நானும் நீயும் வாழ்ந்த வாழ்க்கை

பூமிப் பாறையில்

சிறு நகக் கீறல் கூடச்


We spent all our days for self - keep doing something to make ourselves happy.  But we forgot that the natural state of mind itself is happiness. We covered it with laziness, business in search of happiness.

Sometimes, when I walk into the crowded malls, its funny to watch the married couples, especially the one with kids. There is a stress on their faces, and also between them. The husband would be leading his wife and baby as though they are climbing a hill. And the wife always appear to be a baby-managing officer. But see the younger ones - walking together, life exploring, curiosity, enjoy to themselves.

I say this metaphor to remind ourselves that life is like that. Being on our own, unmasked, curious, and with joy pouring in. Life is not about power, money, sex, two more houses, religion, man-made-god, and igadgets. The animal in man is waging war against his own mankind and killing people everyday. Somebody else being killed in some other location, country dying of poverty, and abuse. For them religion and money are useless things.  They just need "life". I and you got that life.  Lets help others live their own life. Without doing that I and you have no right to celebrate your birthday and that of kins.

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